zondag 17 juni 2012

Albumtitle 2012: Art Decoy The Bluebeard Boy

Strange title?
      I like the arty farty sound of it....
Finally, here are the front/ back and innersleeves of the new collection of songs. Still trying to figure out some minor details though (mixing and a little smoothing up my vocals). In the near future I'll tell all the background stories behind them.
If you want to summarize it all: tears and joy, I guess, just like many of us, we go through different moods, from one to the other extreme. I'm just so glad I can express that all through my fingertips. Glad with all the feedback I have received on the music I've spread on all those helpful platforms.
Like a kid I am anyway....I'll spread the stuff in a few months (ha ha) or earlier. Distribution will follow (free platforms, spotify, iTunes, etc and of course along this blog). Tell it to your friends or enemies on facebook! Feedback is always welcome.
Next up: the process

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