dinsdag 6 maart 2018

What's wrong with this bomb?

Well, let me tell ya. I'm against violence. Especially against animals. But human bombs are walking around everywhere, waiting for their moment. But a humoristic song about a bomb or a terrorist? Tricky. Once (in 2009 when I was tricky) I took a bomb. It became a narrated song where we can take a peek through the terrorist's eyes, whose sinister and desperate voice leads us to the unavoidable climax. Not glorifying anything, but it became a bomb for me. The song has been picked up by Tom robinson and various other enthousiastics (radioplays) in 2012 and since then it has served me well during the following years of promoting my music. It's my introduction I guess.
Yesterday I took the opportunity to submit it once again for a so called "secret" theme episode (example B-Side Guys) posting on Reddit. I think the song has a secretive message, so why not submit it again?

Listen to his story:

Today I received a small bomb back (a private message, respecting his/her privacy):

"How beautifully bizarre. Thanks for the submission!"
"Dude, I don't even know what to say about this one. This is so bizarre and so strangely good at the same time. The instrumentation and your vocal pacing is very "Flight of the Conchords," but the songs are more serious. I've listened to/reviewed/critiqued a ton of music, and I've never heard anything quite like this. The problem is that I don't really know what to do with it. I don't think that it makes the final cut into the Secrets episode because of the sheer amount of submissions we had. I want to help promote this, though. I want to use it on our website as an upcoming Track of the Day, share it on our Facebook, something like that. Let me know what you think about this plan. Thanks for the submission. It's truly something unique in the weirdest and best way possible."

Ok, (s)he doesn't know what to do with it....Well (s)he knows, (s)he'll promote it anyway. What the heck. I have to thank him/her for complimenting the song!

Another day in the never ending unpossible way of reaching your holy grail. Say ni!

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