zondag 10 april 2016

Flat earth radio

Sunday afternoon, sun on my head, feet on the floor. Relaxing, enjoying the springtime, slowly creeping in the sky.
I've been collecting all of those (JoosTVD) radioplays again. I was just wondering how to find those radiostations.
I'm grateful for them, because it has widened my audience of listeners all over the planet. The list keeps on growing, so with a list I try to make sense of it all. There are such highpoints if a broadcaster has chosen my songs for his/ her shows, like when Tom Robinson played "Bomb Won't Go off" on his prime time, saturday evening BBC6 radio show. A recognition from a musical hero of mine is like "winning" an oscar.
Some DJ-less radiostions have a playlist that have regularly featured the same songs, so the list is long.
Twitter gives you a pretty good idea which songs (old and new) have been played so far. Search for Joos TVD and voila:
                                         Twitter search for Joos TVD radiowaves

Tom Robinson's playlist 2012 BBC6

Frequent plays:
-Route 66 radio US  Song: I Want It back [2005]
-R Sud International radio  Songs: Violent Boy [2008], You Know You're Dead [2009]
-Radio Breeze Jazz radio  Song: Follow You Like A Camera [2008] 
-Barbwires.com rock radio  Song: I Want It Back [2005]
-Radio Monte Carlo Jazz lounge  Song: Jack And The Scandal Shop [2009]
-Libre FM Spain  Song: Paranoiac With A Gun [2015]
-Radio RMJC french  Song:  Follow You Like A Camera [2008]
-Croydon Radio London  Many songs (too many to mention, stuff from 2012 on)
-Rocker's Dive radio  Song: Stupid Song(s) [2013] Unscrew Yourself [2015] 
-Bairesrock FM Argentina  Song: Buy Me A Bible Of Beatles [2005]
-Neujahrkonzert classical (!) radio Spain  Song: Wonder [2008]
-AVA Live radio Miami  Song: Unscrew Yourself [2015]
-Tournesol radio Spain  Song: I Want It Back [2005]
-Radio Ballaro Italy  Song: You Know You're Dead [2009]  
-Radio Madein US  Song: Velvet Shoes [2014]
-Talentcast Groningen, Netherlands  Many songs: Guru In A Lovetown, Limo [2015], Chalky, Dancing Dutchman, Everything Is A-Okay [2016], It's A Struggle Honey [2016]

-Shockpop radio  Song: Stupid Song(s) [2013]
-BBC6 Mixtape Tom Robinson London  Songs: Bomb Won't Go Off [2009], Stupid Song(s) [2013]
-BBC6 Tom Robinson Show London  Songs: Bomb Won't Go Off [2009]. Chalky [2016]
-BBC Introducing Hereford & Worcester Wales: Bomb Won't Go Off [2009] 
-Radio Eins Germany  Songs: Don't Mind The Blues, Big Bad Boy [2013], Unscrew Yourself [2015]
-Amazingradio UK  Song: Lost Toy [2010]
-Mijke's Middag radio 6 Netherlands  Song: You Know You're Dead

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