maandag 7 maart 2016

Show us your new work!

Just heard from the disribution company AMAdea that the album is approved: ready to take off. Expect to hear it around 4 april 2016 on almost any online service (see picture for proof)! Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon, Google music, to name a few.
Fingers crossed, legs necked.

Lot of services!
The artwork.
So sure, I'll show you my new work! Here are the Covers, title & the songlist for the new 2016 album. Which pictures did I choose?
The following steps will make it clear:

1.The original which I boosted a bit in colour?

2.The sober variation?
Yeah, that's me "full" in the face. The narcistic pose. Growing grey, but not bald yet, haha. At first not really in the mood for a selfie from the wife sitting next to me, after an endless bicycle tour. But what the heck, we were on holidays and I was looking for a bit of deserved peace and happiness..... 

3.Mr. sepia with brown coloured accents?
The original picture was in colour I kinda liked, though I wanted to put my own stamp on it. I tried B&W first, which I also liked, but eventually I chose the old fashionated sepia, which I really liked! Colour? A little accent in the lettertype.

Who cares about a title?
Me of course. Identity! As for the title, the word "parachute"- also featured in two songs- gave me positive vibes. I never ever did jump literally, but I often opened up to a few things, both positive and negative. Dare.
So with this album, I just seem to say: "let's jump, hear/ see what happens..."
Don't pull my hair please...
                             Open Up My Parachute

The original frontcover
Unfortunately, as I uploaded the picture to the distribution department, I had to remove the familiar "The Vanished Dutchman" name as most online stores only allow the artistname. Yeah, vanished!

Frontcover without "The Vanished Dutchman" name

For the backcover I chose another picture- made by the wife during our holidays- that I liked. It contrasts with the cover of my previous album, where I ascend the stairs. This time I descend the stairs, walking into the unknown.Well, sort of.

1.The original boosted colour

2.B&W: more mystery


3.Sepia coloured with black framework
Back Cover (notice "The Vanished Dutchman" name present)
 (Next: promo video)


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