donderdag 12 december 2013

What Do Dutch Men Do?

Just a few google search results/ links about the dutch (men' s) behaviour

What is something that only Dutch people do? 
Have a cozy evening together on a comfortable IKEA couch watching the tele I guess. Well, almost. But I don't watch TV anymore.

Stuff Dutch People Like 
Traditions. Well, I have forgotten them

Why do so many Dutch people cycle? 
This is because of a vast network of cycle paths that are clearly marked, with smooth surfaces, separate signs and lights, and wide enough to allow side-by-side cycling and overtaking. Sure, but sometimes these paths are so crowded indeed, you don' t see the marks.

50 Things I hate about Dutch people  
50? Well nr 7 is right: They call themselves tolerant, but they are very narrow minded.  
Sorry for this.

10 ways to be polite to Dutch people 
Dutch men don’t hug. Well I do, but I avoid the annoying, meddling human beings.

How do Dutch people meet each other?!
The Dutch are quite direct (can be seen as a bit rude perhaps) but not straightforward at all.
Guess I' m rude sometimes. Although I' m a very private, introverted guy, I often try to break the ice, by teasing a stranger or joking around.

Well, I'm a dutch man, that' s why I ask. But I don' t sing in dutch, I just...can't. Yes I know, I' ve got a thick accent when I use my tongue for english, but what the heck.
Maybe there's a title in there for the new "Vanished Dutchman" album coming up in 2014.
When? I' ll let you know. The finishing of it all is the most intensive of the whole process.
I' ve got 14 songs for ya, chosen from about 30. I just need some smooth lyrics and a very thick accent for 7 of them to get there. Some tunes came very quick, so they motivated me the most to finish. Others need more time and space. But I won' t push.

So, what do dutch men do?

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