zondag 1 september 2013

Not vanished yet...just dreaming

Dressed for the ocasion
Hai there...I almost forgot this blog! No, I still follow everything....sometimes at a distance. Really had nothing to say for a while, I'm a musician, remember?  Networking is just a little part of the "job". Holidays then?

Well, I do enjoy this endless summer we´re having up here in the Lowlands. Took a week off to one of the most beautiful islands in the north of the Netherlands, Terschelling.

To breath in some inspirational winds is comforting, trying to avoid the, mostly drunk, youthful & annoying tourists is another thing for a vanished dutchman. We cycled till land's end and enjoyed the white sandy dunes and the North Sea. I always take my notebook (an e-book & headphones are in the package too) with me to escape my day to day routine. That's what helps to get fresh ideas. Indeed, back home, it all got me in the right musical groove. O, I really feel some sort of happiness in the flow of the moment when inspiration strucks! Time doesn't excist for a creative dreamer. But it´s not like that everyday....
Yes, I'm back in the race. New stuff in the works. I just don´t want the patchy expanded album pattern anymore. If I have about 12, 13 GREAT different songs, that will be enough every year. It just takes too long to handle it on my own. Got a lot of ideas already on the harddisk, so I don´t worry.
My latest effort "The ballooning Brouhaha" does pretty well on the streaming front (streaming IS the future, that IS now, cd is out) and on the radio. Croydon Radio (London) spreads my stuff on a regular basis. I love feedback. More potential listeners for me. Aaaah, it's free anyway....CU!

By the way....on the front news, the list of favourite dead musians grows a lot faster now... (a lot of babyboomers from after WW II), fortunately you can still check them out, the music, the image stays forever:
Kevin Ayers (Soft Machine), Alvin Lee (guitar virtuoso, Woodstock), Peter Banks (ex-Yes), Hugh McCracken (Session guitar player), Phil Ramone (Producer, recording engineer), Andy Johns (sound engineer), Storm Thorgerson (graphic designer), Richie Havens (Woodstock), Alan O´Day (songwriter), Ray Manzarek (Doors), Trevor Bolder (bassplayer), Bobby Blue Bland (blues singer), George Duke (piano wizzard) and a big inspiration on my songwriting and playing, the great laid back man, we call him the breeze: J.J.Cale. All inspirational in some kind of way. RIP.

Alvin Lee
Kevin Ayers
Kevin Ayers

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