vrijdag 2 november 2012

The Bomb.....

An older song of mine- The Bomb Won't Go Off [2009]-  has been chosen from 118 songs on Freshnet,  a chance to be played on BBC6 radio!

Freshnet hosted by Tom Robinson (who wrote a few famous songs btw)

 "Joos ‘The Vanished Dutchman’ tells us that, as a one man band, he has composed over 1000 songs. This particular song is definitely ‘out there’ but also incredibly groovy. That combination makes me feel that the song would sit well in a Mighty Boosh episode (as a huge fan of the Boosh, I mean this in an entirely complementary manner). A breath of fresh air for your listening ears – why not give it a spin?!"

You can find and grab (!) the song on the "You Know Your Dad album, listen:
The Bomb Won't Go Off

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