vrijdag 20 mei 2011

Another way to put your ears around my craftings and stuff

But... you can also listen to a few recommended albums (yes, I still believe in the concept "album")I turn up now and then, old and new:
Rumor (debut), Eric Clapton (his last is a JJ Cale pastiche, his obsession), Bruce Cockburn (his last), Janelle Momnae (her last: eccentric soul), Randy Newman, Robert Wyatt, John Scofield, Dory Previn, Ben Folds, Seal, Redbone, Dr.John, Brian wilson, Paul Simon, Geoff Muldaur, Al Kooper, Jerry Riopelle, Association, Ricky Lee Jones, Peter Wolf, Ben Sidran, Kip Hanrahan, Elvis Costello, Marcos Valle....if you have the TIME....listen

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