vrijdag 5 februari 2010

Discography: my guts in words and music

Oké, here's the deal: all my stuff from 1998 up till now.
Music to make you happy or snappy...and some of these you can taste:

1.Now On Cd [1998]

I was working a lot with midi (flexible stuff but not organic), so it's a bit dated ahum

2.Tarts [1999]

Midi combined with more energenic organic instruments. A lot of styles based on grooves.

3.Rub Your Face In It [1999]

More and more organic, very funky and melodic as well.

4.Big Shoes To Fill [2000]

More and more experiments with orchestral soundscapes. Confidence in songwriting.

5.Thanks For Stopping By [2000]

Very varied and tight in style and playing.

6.Colour Me Black Or White [2001]

Concepts about apes and planets? mmmm. Tried narration and instrumentals here. Very groovy.

7.He's Your Buddy [2002]

I like latin, R&B, funk, soul, melodic pop. Well maybe it's because I'm influenced by mayor songwriters like Todd Rundgren, Jimmy Webb, Prince.... I still had a lot to learn, but thanks anyway to the above.

8.That's Me With The Ball [2004]

I was searching for the right groove in every way. Lyricalwise I'm exploring new words here that are more close to me.

9.Gift Shot [2005]

More edge here in the performance and very exotic. Yes latin stuff.
Taste the whole shot!
or listen to "I Want It Back" <a href="http://joostvd.bandcamp.com/album/gift-shot">I Want It Back by JoosTVD</a>

10.Volumed 10 [2007]

Orchestral influences, a lot of arrangements: experiment with the big sound. I love horns and strings

<a href="http://joostvd.bandcamp.com/album/volumed-10">Rhymed by JoosTVD</a>

11.Hé José! [2008]

Songs are getting longer. More instrumental stuff. Still a lot of orchestrations flowing around. Confident songwriting here.
Listen to "Mumbo Jumbo Heebie Jeebies" or taste José!

<a href="http://joostvd.bandcamp.com/album/hey-jos">Mumbo Jumbo Heebie Jeebies by JoosTVD</a>

12.You Know Your Dad [2009]

More direct, but still varied. Found my niche in performance: jazzy, bluesy...

<a href="http://joostvd.bandcamp.com/album/you-know-your-dad">You Know Your Dad by JoosTVD</a>

13.When The Left Foot Fits The Right Shoe [2009]

Follows the same pattern. Less instrumental stuff, but more atmosphere.

<a href="http://joostvd.bandcamp.com/album/when-the-left-foot-fits-the-right-shoe">2Gether by JoosTVD</a>

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